About company

Anna Bukhman is the founder of the online store KRASIVO365.RU with a personalized online sales concept, for more than 10 years the exclusive representative and distributor of the Konplott/Miranda Konstantinidou jewelry brand in St. Petersburg, the owner of a chain of retail jewelry stores.
- We spent a long time thinking about the format of the online store. We wanted to retain the element of an individual warm welcome, so that people would come not just to buy goods, but to visit. The concept of KRASIVO365.RU - I myself am the face of the online store. I want my customers to see a real person who chooses jewelry for them, orders it, creates an assortment with examples and images, demonstrates how and with what to combine and use our jewelry. I want to be closer both for a new client and for someone who already knows us from KONPLOTT/Miranda Konstantinidou stores and shops regularly. For me, the jewelry business is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. It's more than decoration. The way we work with our clients is often more coaching than selling. Why? I often meet my clients myself and periodically hear women say: “Where will I wear this?”, “What will I wear it with?”, “Why so much”? Why do you feel that change is often difficult? A woman is interesting when she changes. And jewelry makes it possible to do this several times a day.
It is so valuable when a woman takes time only for herself! Alas, many people say: “I’m in a hurry, I don’t have time.” And this is the essence of our philosophy - to think about everything today. What mood are you in today? What mood do you want for yourself tomorrow? What are you doing for this? These questions create awareness here and now. And what kind of tomorrow comes depends on what you did for it today. A conscious feeling of beauty, an understanding that I will be different in these jewelry - this is what is really needed to make both buying and wearing jewelry a pleasure.